A multidisciplinary team made up of executives with more than 15 years in the fleet management segment

We are engineers, developers, designers and marketers united with the purpose of revolutionizing the fleet management industry in Latin America.


FleetDesk was born from the dream of revolutionizing the fleet management industry using an extremely powerful tool that is already in the hands of our drivers: the smartphone.

We believe that the use of smartphones in fleet management is a path of no return and we want to lead this revolution. To begin our path, we decided to create a product with a specific focus on the Latin American market, where there are particularities, such as cargo theft, that require specific solutions.

We want to bring advanced technology to fleets of all sizes and so:

Positively impact logistics productivity, contribute to cost reduction and increase economic growth in the markets where we operate;

Reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of the logistics of goods and services;

Reduce the number of accidents and death rates on the road

To accelerate this revolution and because we believe that even the best technology needs local support, we decided to work 100% with authorized resellers distributed throughout the Latin American market. If you would like to join us on this journey, please contact us (link to contact@fleetdesk.io).