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Fleet Tracking

Track your fleet's times and movements in real time in a simple and intuitive way.

Increase fleet productivity by better controlling your operation.

Follow the fleet's activities in a interactive grid and customized.

  • Include in the grid only the information that makes sense for your operation;
  • Use the timeline for a graphic follow-up of deliveries, pickups and/or work orders of the fleet;
  • Set up different viewing profiles for multiple operators;
  • Customize the way the map is displayed.

Move your tracking to a mobile solution

Extract more value from your investment.

  • The unified Message Center with voice and text communication with your drivers is at your disposal;
  • Management by exception through customized alerts that trigger when something is outside the configured parameters;
  • Use our artificial intelligence video monitoring system to monitor your drivers for signs of fatigue.
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First Smartphone Controlled Hybrid Tracker

The broadest fleet connectivity solution available in the market: communication via LoRaWAN, 4G and Iridium.

First mobile solution approved as main equipment for cargo risk

Protect your investment, use a solution designed for 5G and the evolution of mobile networks.

  • 01
    Blocker function and Jammer Immobilizer
  • 02
    9 Digital Inputs/ 5 Digital Outputs. Independent GPS Module
  • 03
    100% Embedded Intelligence
  • 04
    Driver Status (Macros), Anchor Function, Maintenance, Etc.
  • 05
    Fences (Circular, Polygonal and Route)
  • 06
    Offline Operation (Login and Tracking) and Contingency Password

The security and connectivity that your logistics operation needs.

  • Vehicle ignition control from the driver's login in the application, more security for your fleet;
  • Full compliance with the risk management plans (PGR) of the main insurance companies in the country;
  • Create multiple embedded rules using driver status, sensors, and electronic fences;
  • Automatic blocking by Jammer detection;
  • API integrations for messages, positions, commands, electronic fences, and more.
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Digital Transformation

Digitize fleet processes and accelerate your company's digital transformation.

  • Get access to intelligent forms that can be created without the need for programming.
  • Digitize invoice stubs, create work order reports, vehicle checklists, and more.

Trigger personalized text messages from vehicle activities

Keep your customers always informed.

  • Reduce the number of unsuccessful visits by sharing appointments and vehicle location with your customers;
  • SMS with customized content and triggering without the need for programming;
  • Direct communication from the customer to the monitoring center for rescheduling and adjustments.

Journey Control

Control the driver's journey in a simple and semi-automatic way.

  • Monitor driving and rest hours manually or semi-automatically.
  • Count on the system that complies with the legislation and reduce labor liabilities in your company.
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Complete system that increases the legal security of your company

  • Calculation of overtime and extra hours;
  • Convert waiting hours into rest hours according to the rules applicable to the company;
  • Edit inconsistencies directly in the system
  • Export journey markings to your spreadsheet software
  • Access all information through the integration API;


Optimize routes and reduce your operation's carbon footprint.

Get access to a complete routing solution and reduce your fleet's carbon emissions by up to 30%.
Review created routes in a responsive timeline.

Create Routes considering multiple operational constraints

  • Use vehicle and cargo attributes such as: weight, volume and value.
  • Consider in the routing the work day, rest breaks, customer service windows and the estimated duration of each activity;
  • Use tags to create multiple constraints for a group of vehicles.
  • Optimize vehicles with multiple compartments.

Advanced Routing Options

  • Optimize service time instead of mileage;
  • Create open routes where the vehicle does not return to base;
  • Dynamically create routes considering the vehicles closest to the service location;
  • Consider the cost per kilometer of the vehicles in the routing decision;
  • Group nearby activities into stopping points;
  • Prioritize or define the position of an activity in the route;
  • Set the maximum number of stops on a route;
  • Allow the vehicle to receive a recharge along the journey;
  • Create multi-day routes.

Uma solução de gestão de frotas desenvolvida para smartphones

Baixe agora nosso app e revolucione a gestão da sua frota

Bluetooth Sensors

Fewer wires and more flexibility for controlling load conditions

Bluetooth BLE technology with internal battery that lasts up to 5 years. Simplified and wireless installation.

Ideal for temperature and humidity control of refrigerated and frozen loads

  • 01
    Multiple types of sensors: temperature, humidity, CO2, fuel, etc;
  • 02
    Various models of approved sensors;
  • 03
    Sensors with internal memory for storing readings while disconnected from the cell phone;
  • 04
    Real-time monitoring of all sensor information;
  • 05
    Highly customizable alerts.

Driving Behavior

Reduce accidents and reduce the cost per KM of the fleet.

Follow good ESG practices and have sustainable logistics by reducing the fleet's CO2 emissions.

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Create incentive programs de incentivos based on your drivers' driving behavior de direção dos seus motoristas.

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